An Ancient Sumerian word meaning
"To Give a Present or Offering"

Blessing Boxes

What is a blessing box?

A "Blessing Box" is a free-standing wooden box, located in the area of need, that provides staples and supplies to those in need. The Boxes are stocked by volunteers who, from time to time, go around and restock items either donated or purchased. Those in need then may stop by the box and pick up items they need from these boxes.

On Facebook, there is a group named "Blessing Boxes for Topeka." This is the core of the Blessing Box movement in Topeka, and is one of the Ministries that Sharaku Topeka hopes to become an integral part of.

We hope to partner with this organization soon, to help them keep their Blessing Boxes stocked and the needed necessities available for Topekans who need these basic items for daily life.

The Blessing Box folks already have several boxes installed with more to come. They have regular "build" days where volunteers construct these boxes for installation around the city. Sharaku Topeka hopes to begin accepting donations very soon that will be used to stock the Boxes. In the future, Sharaku Topeka hopes to create a process that will enable every area of town that has need to have their own Blessing Box, fully stocked and maintained. Will you help?

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