An Ancient Sumerian word meaning
"To Give a Present or Offering"

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Sharaku Topeka


What does "Sharaku" mean?
  Sharaku is an ancient Sumerian word meaning " to give a Present or Offering." We believe it describes or implies the act, motion, prayer or deed of giving from one to another, without thought of any return - a selfless act done to answer one's own calling to serve and help.
Are you a church, religion, lifestyle or something requiring membership?
  We are many churches, many religions and many lifestyles, but we DO NOT take attendance, charge a fee, require any registration, or demand obedience. Sharaku Topeka might best be described as a "gathering point" for those of any faith(even if that is no faith) who wish to give something for whatever calling they feel.
  Sharaku Topeka was founded by a family called to a service, but from different faiths. One couple is ordained by the ULCM, a non-denominational interfaith Monastery. The other couple have differing spiritual backgrounds and concepts, but came together after being called to service by a Christian church.


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